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Welcome to StarStatus World

This is a comprehensive online artistes and musicians directory. The platform showcases talented entertainers from around the world. Event organisers come here to find talented crowd pulling stars to perform on some of the biggest shows around the world.  If you are not here, you will miss out.


Create Your Profile

As a professional artiste, this is the place to be seen. Use any of the sign up windows to create your very own StarStatus World profile. Just put your personal brand where the world can find you quickly. You can easily attract lucrative deals from anywhere in the world.


Event Organisers

Even if you are an event organiser or just someone who is looking to add a special flavour to your birthday party, wedding, wedding anniversary celebration, office party, stag do, hen night or any other special occasion, visiting the StarStatus World website could be one of the best decisions you ever made.

With our impressive digital database of highly sought-after crowd pulling artistes, it has never been easier to reach your favourite stars.


Mission, Aims and Objectives

StarStatus World’s mission is to provide artistes, musicians and event organisers a common and convenient platform on which they can make contact and explore opportunities to earn.

Entertainers and event organisers are always trying to find each other. But, the diverse and fragmented nature of their physical and online locations has become a major barrier.

Some entertainers either have their own websites or use social media platforms to promote their talents.  But, broken web links, poorly marketed and communicated online brand presence, out-of-date contact details and irregularly manned emails have undermined their ability to maximise their earnings.  StarStatus World is here to help you climb over these hurdles.


After StarStatus World connects you with your target market, you will realise that the possibilities are endless. You can then negotiate terms and conditions and even exchange contracts with those that are seeking your services. There you will be able to establish a formal and meaningful business arrangement.

So, becoming a subscriber can supercharge your chances of appearing in front of the right people at the right time. It’s your time to shine!