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StarStatus World offers promotional subscription opportunities for artistes that are renewable every year.

As an artiste and entertainment provider you have a highly sought-after natural gift that can earn you thousands or even millions of dollars every year. This possibility exists because a large number of fans around the world are longing for you to entertain them live at a venue that is full of atmosphere.

They have been exposed to your recorded works, but they want to see you live in action. Only you can make their dreams come true.

Why not give them the opportunity to find you in an online artiste directory that showcases talented musicians like yourself. It is one of the easiest ways to take your entertainment career to new level of success.

Whether or not you have an internet presence, StarStatus World offers you a huge web based platform to reach boundless entertainment audiences right across the world.


Why submit a place?

Upon subscribing, you are able to:

–  Create a unique personal profile page,
–  Select your own username and password
–  Manage your account (update as often as you wish)
–  Upload photographs to your gallery
–  Add and change videos links to your YouTube and other online MP4 sources showing footage of shows,
interviews or other engagements,
–  Publish full contact details for your management team, publicists, booking agencies and other
–  Promote tour dates and album signing opportunities
–  Other important details and events.

This means that StarStatus World is a highly effective directory of entertainers who are ready to accept bookings according to their own terms and conditions.

And, if you are an event organiser you can say goodbye to the annoying hours spent trawling search engines for artiste contacts that very often lead to nowhere. Forget about broken and abandoned web-links and mirror or fan sites. Avoid the risk of being corralled into high risk web zones that stick numerous ad-ware and even malicious cookies onto your internet browser.


Who should submit a place?

We allow artistes from all genres a window to showcase their talents to attract entertainment buyers and consumers. So, think big, earn big and live big! Sign up today by submitting a place if you are a:

– Dancehall Toaster (Deejay)
– Sing Jay
– Singer (Pop singer, Traditional Folk singer, backing singer, session singer, lead vocalist or a
singer on commercials ) – all genres
– Rapper
– Soca music performer
– Band

Now, this effectively means there is only one comprehensive online entertainment meeting point that you really need to know. StarStatus World is safe and reliable, as it provides real time contact information that leads directly to:

– Booking agents,
– Road managers
– Artistes’ managers
– Publicists
– Other artiste support service providers.

Can you believe it? You can access all this conveniently organised and verified information in just one click. Sign up today and you will be well on your way to finding a star to brighten your show or to being the star to brighten someone’s show.

Entertainers and event organisers, don’t let this opportunity escape you. Subscribe and upload your details straightaway, so that more business can start coming your way from right around the world.



A wide variety of music genres is provided in this directory to help you categorise your listings according to your preferred style of music.  This will make it easier for your fans to locate your profiel. But, if you do not see the genre that best describes your music, contact StarStatus World straightaway. We want to get you out there earning the money and fame your talent can bring you. No country, region, town or village is too remote, too small, too big or too near.

Wherever in the world you are, sign up right now and enable event organisers and your fans to have quick access to you and your music. By signing up to StarStatus World, you give yourself the best chance to get booked onto local and international events. Don’t delay, sign up by submitting a profile today!

Submit a profile by going to the home page, clicking the ‘blue submit a place’ button and following the instructions on the screen.