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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who will get to see my profile?
Anyone who logs on to can type your details into our search engine and your profile information will appear.

How can I update my information that is displayed on the site?
Before you can subscribe to you will have to create an account and become a member. After you have done this you will have the freedom to create a profile with your all the relevant details that you would like users of the site to see. You can add your entertainment name, mailing address, email, contact telephone numbers, Facebook page, Twitter name, photo gallery, YouTube video links, tour dates, availability dates, show dates and other important details. The subscription application will ask for all information that the site requires. The kind of information you are allowed to add to your profile depends on the package to which you have subscribed.  However, in all circumstances your profile will be subject to approval by StarStatus World.

How often can I update my profile information?
You can update your profile as you wish. There might be restriction on the number of times you are allowed to do this depending to your subscription package.

How can I let an artiste or event organiser know about this site?
In order to let someone know about StarStatus World, just tell them what the site can do to help promote their career and personal brand. Give them the website address – and encourage them to visit and sign up.

How do I book an artiste?
When you search our directory and find the artiste(s) that you are interested in, make a note of their contact details and use it to get in touch with them. StarStatus World does not book any artistes for you. See our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information on this.

How long can I subscribe to StarStatus World for?
Minimum subscription period is 12 months (1 year).  After signing up, you will have to let the subscription run for this duration. It will expire after this period unless you submit a renewal request before the date passes. In addition to this, you can subscribe for a maximum of 5 years each time you make a submission.

Please note that if you submit a sales agent code when you subscribe, and you subsequently submit a  cancellation refund request, you will be subject to a 7% administration fee.

What are my entitlements when I upgrade to the premium package?
When you upgrade to our premium package, you will get the chance to promote yourself fully on the site and increase your chance of being booked on shows around the world. You will have the freedom to create an unrestricted profile with all the relevant details that you would like users of the site to see. You can add your entertainment name, mailing address, email, contact telephone numbers, Facebook page, Twitter name, YouTube video links and other social media contacts, a photo gallery, tour dates, availability dates, show dates and other information. The subscription application window with ask for all the information that the site requires.

Can I upload photographs?
Yes, you can upload and display those masterpieces of yourself entertaining your fans. StarStatus World encourages you to show off your photos, as they can increase your changes of getting booked. The gallery template has already been created for you, so you only need to add your special photos.

Can I upload videos?
You can add video links from YouTube and other hosting sites. That way your fans can see for themselves and be able to judge the quality of your performances.

How do I pay?
Payment is collected via PayPal. It is easy to use and you don’t have to set up a PayPal account. Just use your debit or credit card to submit your payment through PayPal. However, it is more convenient when you open an account and register a debit, a credit card or a bank account with PayPal. This is because if you make a purchase when your account is out of cash, the payment will still be processed because the cash will be transferred from your nominated bank account or your debit or credit card. It is important to note that using PayPal is one of the safest ways to make online payments.  Read PayPal’s terms and conditions to get a better understand of how they operate.

StarStatus World is currently studying additional payment methods that would be appropriate to our business model.  As soon as a decision is taken and more payment methods are introduced an announcement will be made.

How ethical is StarStatus World?
StarStatus World is an ethical business that encourages and encourages clean entertainment. We do not promote profanity, adult content, violence, discrimination or other forms of lawlessness in any way. We respect the privacy of everyone. As a result, we are committed to researching and confirming the key facts and circumstances of any information: news stories, tweets and other details that we disseminate  in the public domain or otherwise associate ourselves with.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes, you can visit our Facebook page at  Don’t forget to like us and share our page will all your Facebook friends.  You can also leave a comment.

Is StarStatus World on Twitter?
Yes.  Follow us on Twitter: @starstatusworld

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