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Let’s Talk…What’s on Your Mind?

21st July 2016

Welcome to the StarStatus World “Let’s Talk” subscribers and fans’ blog!  This is your chance to meet and collaborate with like-minded people.  You might want to discuss entertainment industry trends and developments.

What was your last gig like?

Where is the best place to find gigs nowadays as an entertainer?

What do you think it takes to make an impression on the charts?

What’s the latest on the Reggae and Dancehall scenes?

Who is hot in your genre nowadays?

Join the conversation…share your views.

StarStatus World…it’s your time to shine!





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4 Comments on this Article

  • Shaun

    I am starting a conversation about Reggae and Dancehall music. How much do you know about Jamaica’s most influential creation – Reggae and Dancehall music? Let’s put your knowledge to the test. Who can answer this question correctly? Post your answer below the question.

    Born in Nine Miles in the Jamaican parish of St Ann in 1945, this “Buffalo Soldier” Reggae superstar was given a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award, posthumously, in the United States on February 21, 2001. Who was he?
    (a) Peter Tosh
    (b) Bob Marley
    (c) Delroy Wilson
    (d) Dennis Brown

    on 27th July 2017   |   Reply
  • Kerry

    I think it’s B

    on 18th August 2017   |   Reply
  • Kwame

    It is B, Bob Marley. I attended the funeral. I also remember quite vividly the pick up truck that transported his coffin. The coffin was draped in the Jamaican flag. Sleep on, great Bob Marley.

    on 22nd August 2017   |   Reply

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